Laela Collection by Moi!

And in the spirit of that, here I present to you my collection for Hari Raya Eidil Adha :)

*ohh, gosh. where's my manner man?

First of all, Assalamualaikum and a very good...well, it's almost 2 am right good morning seems valid right? (chuckled). In the spirit of the Good Vibes ladidadida, I want to promote my latest collection, The Laela Collection by Moi! Square-shaped satiny bawal that is fill with beauty, elegance and well, colours. I love having these vibrant designs in my closet because I do believe that the colour we chose to wear really represent ourselves that day. So, why not mix it all up and just be colourful? Humans are the most complex creature and we are not entitled to just one kind of emotions. We have this many kinds of emotions and that is what makes us sooo special. So why wearing those boring, one-ughh-colour bawal and be predictable? Be special, be outstanding and be confident! That is what going to set us apart from other people. So start your day 'colourfully' with my designs and see how it can inspired your day in just a blink of eyes :)

So, let the picture-walk beginnnnn!

(drumroll bebehs)

SUMMER 2014 : LaEla Collection by Moi!

- LaEla A

Blue as the deep ocean, this square shaped satiny bawal will mesmerize anyone who sees it. With a touch of black lacey border, it completes your casual and formal look which really is 
occasion-friendly. Notice how the colour can improves our emotion as blue is always known as approachable and friendly plus, always making people feel welcome. How nice is that, right?

Price: RM 22
Model: DilaPratiwi

- LaEla B

Turqouise is known for its sweet and sexy essence that really can improve people's mood in no time. This bawal is a bit special, as it has 2 different pattern of each side. Isn't that convenient? Plus the addition of paisley as the main pattern really makes this bawal a must-have item in your collection. Grab now ladies, before it's tooo late :)

Price : RM 22
Model : DilaPritiwi

Available also in green colour 

- LaEla C

Known for sosial communication made-easy and optimism colour, sure you cannot deny the aura this bawal produced! It has this unique border of paisley that really compliments well and it really does increase our confidence level. Imagine people admiring our presence with this pretty little bawal? 

Price: RM 22
Model: DilaPratiwi

Available also in green colour

- LaEla D 

This is the ultimate bawal of all. We have this mixture of colours that really awaken your inner aura. Black as the base, known as the colour of mystery, and red as the border, known for passion and determination. It has everything. You name it. The energy it produced really makes you stand tallest among people. The floral pattern shows the softness and pureness of a lady that can melt any lonesome heart within a minute. So, you got mystery, passion and softness! 
What more can you ask babe??

Price: RM 22
Model: DilaPratiwi

- LaEla E

You want rainbow? I give you the rainbow that you can wear. This bawal is based with a black colour to light up your face and fills with these beautiful abstract pattern that consist of many kinds of colours that can really awaken your personality. It shows how welcome you are, how determine you are and how warm you are. And that is the sign of great people in the making. Be the envy of women by grabbing this fabulous piece now.

Price: RM 22
Model: DilaPratiwi

Also available in brown

- LaEla F

The last one of course, the yummiest one! The treasure of this collection. I present to you the bestest bawal that can create chaos once you wear it. A good kind of chaos okay? This beautiful piece is soo eye-opening and has this extraordinary and magnificent gold abstract pattern that represents success, achievement and triumph. See, you can excel anything with this baby in no time! I do have this bawal as one of my own and believe me, it was majestic. I feel confident because I know, this bawal is really one-of-a-kind. So, grab one now ladies and join my one-of-a-kind troops! 

Price: RM 22
Model: DilaPratiwi

Available in Red, Brown, Black and Blue

And that's the end of my collection, for now. Fuhhh~~ that is one longgg post, I would say. But it was fulfilling and I feel happy. Because it is my aim to pass on the good vibe color to all the people so that, we never have wake up in dismay the next day. We have the right to be mad, angry or sad without being judged. And we have the right to laugh, smile and making silly jokes because it shows how remarkable Allah's creations that cannot be defeated. And yet, we always complaning this and that. 

Be thankful guys, for many things and be happy. Share your positive aura with everybody and the world finally a good place to live in. Remember we are the khalifah of the dunya and it is our responsibilities to spread the love and joy to all the people. 

Be kind, just like our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

So, any Q & A, you can left your comment here. In shaa allah I will reply it ASAP. Hoping to hear good news soon. Time to hit the bed. Good night guys and Assalamualaikum :)

PS: Lots of thank you to my roomate that willingly lent me her face for this collection!

Toodle-doo pretty people. Muacks xoxo~

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