Little MUSE

Assalamualaikum everybody and Good Day to my fellow friends!

The day has come. I would like to present to you my latest MUSE. 
That's right, M-U-S-E! 
This is soooooo exciting and my heart is pumping like crazy. 
So, in order to let you know what is this MUSE I keep blabbering about, I need to tell the story on how I met my MUSE first.

It was like a normal day when I was walking around at a certain shop and there, hanging on a rack, looking so stylish and awesome, screaming pretty so loud that my inner voice quickly whispered immediately, "Go, go buy it Halida, before it is too late.

Without a tiny bit of hesitation, I grab her, ohhh, the feeling of holding this piece of material, 
soo delicate and yet sexy, makes me hurriedly paid it without thinking twice. 
Since then, she had become my MUSE. 
And that is how I met her......


Yeah, I'm reserving that soooo wrong-spelled 'Tudoong', just in case, you know?


Yeah, I know. I am not making the point that I think I was but listen first!

Don't look at the person wearing it, look at my MUSE first of all!

So pretty, shiny, and prettyyy...!
It does makes me feel more confident to face this cruel world you know.
The material is the best, because although it is satiny and well, a bit TOUGH to deal with, 
but once you iron it, put it on your round head, it is soooo easy to wear!
Like, like, A B C and Do Re Mi :)

And the best part is, it can go with any kind of blouses, or dresses, tshirt and whatnot.
That's the dream honey...seriously.
Pull one blouse (plain, pattern, whatever) and match it with this little amazing Tudoong (TM).
See how the magic works! Like Kablammm!! 
I admit sometimes I wore it with not a good combination of blouse and pants.
But somehow, Tudoong (TM) makes it all look heavenly and perfect.
This is not a joke, this is serious matter dude, like humans right thingy.

I dare you to buy one and see if you can resist falling in love with this material.
It's perfect, fun, awesome and pretty (enuf pretty halyda, you are over-using it!)

So, I sell this superb little MUSE for only RM 22 per piece.
And I can COD around UKM, UITM SHAH ALAM and IPOH.

Any inquiry or question, please comment below.
I promise to entertain you ASAP!
And because of privacy matters, I cannot post my number here for Whatsapp :(
Hope all of you understand my situation.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and start order now.
Be the first to wear this stylish yet modest Tudoong (TM)!
See you soon with new designs and styles.
Stay tuned!

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