new leaf, new day :)

Assalamualaikum beautiful readers.

Pheww, it has been a loooong time since the last time I wrote anything here! And I do mean it. Phushhh, what happened these past years really make me sooo busy, so my bad! Well, now I'm glad to announce, I'm back here and ready to write until I bleed!! Hikhik, slow down there tiger... Don't make promises that can eat you alive after that~

First of all, new skin for the blog. New skin as to represent my new life that has started, well..couple weeks ago. In order to make it official, tadaaa!! the new background. Black with a pinch of colourful confetties spread across my bloggie. Not to girly (duhhh). Teehee~ But, the header is no go. The reason is because, this is my masterpiece. My Mona Lisa. My Eiffel Tower. My Leaning Pisa. (to cover up the actually reason, that is only one word = LAZYYY) So, i decided to let it stay. Just a bit touch up. Nothing extravaganzuhh. To make sure that this blog still has the scent of me during my innocent times, like centuriess ago~

I started this blog in my 19-ish years old. Now, I'm 24-ish years old. That is one whole hell of a time! This bloggie used to be an innocent and sweet little girl that knows nothing about this world, and now, she changed into this mature, ready to move and adult young lady. How time flies. Really, I do miss my innocent years. That's fine I guess, because we are allowed to reminisce! It's okay you guys. You can visit the past. But don't let it be your future. Move on after full-reminiscing tour ended! Get up and get going. The future is more colourful and full of possibilities!!

Enough with the long mumbling. So it is officially a new start for my bloggie and also my life. May ALLAH protect us form harm and danger and may He grants us with happiness and rezeqi throughout this year. Yeah, it should be kinda new year dua or something, but hey. Everyday is a new day that Allah give us to repent and start our journey. So, happy new day everybody and may ALLAH be with us always.

PS: Mind the language. I'm trying to improve my England bebehhh~ So, just... bear with it :) 

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