Pets Equal Boyfriends

*That will be my PETS :)

Assalamualaikum and heylo peeps. Frankly, tonight is quite dull. I'm so bored but suddenly, something popped out from my head. Why not updating my post here? Ehehehe, after all, I did make a promise to at least posted something here once a day (Oh Lord, give me strength to uphold this promise)

Serious talk, I'm not that genuine animal lover. I used to shout so loud just because a cat meowed at me. I hate those furry little monsters and their act-innocent attitude. Easy to say, me hate cats. Fullstop.

But then, Allah showed His greatness again. This time, it happened to me. So my grandmama decided to keep a very cute Persian cat named BOY at her house as her pet. So I was like, here comes the disaster. I used to hang out at her house all the time, and now with this new addition, how on earth am I going to sit calmly with the MONSTER going back and forth in there? So I decided to act tough bebeh. Be so damn tough that the cat can smell the toughness (perhaps!) and just run away. That's my plan. So when I arrived at my grandmama's house, I quickly searched for that damn maggot first. And there, right in front of my eyes, my enemy appeared. But, he was soooooo damn cute. Soooo adorable. With the big blues eyes staring at me, his white furry fur and his sweet little face. How can I say no to this baby? So, from there, my fear and phobia was slowly decreasing and now I really love cats (mostly) and other fluffy pets available at the pet store.

I used to babysit BOY when my grandparents went for a vacation or emergency situations. And I really love it. But my parents was a bit reluctant during that time, because my two baby sisters had asthma. Hence, no pets in the house. But, one day, I went home with a giant smile in my face and a cage. My parents was sooooooo shocked because I bought an Anggora rabbit. I called him Aizat (yeah,yeah, stupid crush I have from idolizing Aizat AF so much....). He was so cute and cuddly, that my parents fall in love right away after looking at him and allowed me to have a pet for the first time in my life.

This is Aizat. My fluffy little munchkin. Hehehe :)

He was sooo damn fast and he loved to hop up and down in our yard.

That was his favourite snack. Carrotss!!

And boy, he was soo lazy and always sleeping.

But the ending wasn't happy. When I had to go back to UKM for my final year, my parents decided to give him away. For many reasons and I wasn't informed about it actually. So when I came back from UKM, I saw his cage was gone, and I knew, my Aizat was gone forever. But my family did keep updating about him and the latest news, he is now married and become a father! How's that for a happy ending? I am sooo proud of him, seriously. May he always be happy with his own little family forever and ever. (sobsob)

So, right after Aizat, our family did not have any pets to keepfor a while. And then, one day, we went to a shop and saw this ohh-my-gosh cutie right away. We were jumping and screaming like crazy when we saw him. I was soooooo happy that I asked my dad to buy it immediately. He said no, so us, sisters, gather up our duit raya and bought him! He was a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit. Yes, again, RABBIT. He was so tiny, just as same size of a hamster. And he wass soooooo cute. I mean literally!

We bought him and named him BENJI. Yup, it's a boy. Reasons why we always choose boys as our pets, well, there are no boy siblings in my family, and boys can be fat once you neutered him. Hahaha. That is sooo disturbing..yikes!

Seee? I told you. He is so freaking cute. And sooo small, like a hamster-small!

He loves to hop on my bed. And I don't mind a bit. Even he did peed once. But hell! He is sooo freaking cute, that I don't mind changing my bedspread twice.

My Benji looked like Usher babyyy! Hehehe, credits to my sister for buying that awesome sweater. It's meant for a hamster, but who cares right?

Benji my baby boy. Me loves you cutie! Hehehe :)

Then suddenly, out of blue, my parents decided to add and bought a Persian cat for a pet! Seriously, just like that. I really think they actually giving some signs that they are ready to become parents again (you know what I mean) but I am sooo not ready to get married. And that is why, they bought not one, but 2 BEAUTIFUL PERSIAN CATS! One boy and one girl. I am the most lucky girl in the world!!!

They are so adorable and we named them Baby for the boy (because he was literally a baby when we bought him) and Nana for the girl (because it sounds cute, right?) We love them sooo much and I never see my parents pouring out their money just like that for their medical check-up. Well, that is the downside of having a Persian cat as a pet. They are a bit fussy and need extra attention from their owner, especially if they are still small. But still, we love them and they are sooo cute. Hehehe. My dad loves them so much that he willing to buy many kinds of toys and foods plus their poopie place despite the prices. I guess, love does conquer all, right? My mom treats them like they are our little babies and even steamed a chicken every day for them. Yup, steamed chicken is the best food for Persian cats. Google it people. 

This is my hero, Baby The Cutie. hehhe. He's 2 months old now 
and loves to eat. Plus sleeping!

And this is my beauty, Lady Nana. She's 3 months old 
and very active. Unlike Baby (=_=')


I want to upload lots and lots of their pics but I don't wanna be that freaky lady who loves her pets soo annoyingly. So I posted the video and now, I do miss them back home. I know it seems a lil bit crazy to care soo much about them, but I can't help it. I know I look like a crazy cat-woman, that still has no planning for the future and keep stumbling at the same place. But, by looking at them, makes me forget about the world for a while and just be free, without any questions to be answered and solutions that need to be think about. I get to be that 10-years-old girl again, free from responsiblity, heartache, disappointment and sorrow. I can laugh, act stupid and be ME for a while when I'm with them. Is that to much to ask, just for a couple of hours, to turn back time?

Now, my life is soooo complicated. Like it is too much. And I don't think I'm fit enough right now to have a boyfriend or friend or whatever. Because I hate to bother people with my problems. So the solution? My pets. Much better than having a boyfriend. Seriously. 

And to all woman out there, young or old, don't worry. Be happy. And find that happiness within you firstly. It's okay. It is not going to rain everyday. Perhaps the sun will come out, drying our sorrow, in any second now. So, have faith in ALLAH, be strong and have a pet. It does throws away your problem for a while.

PS: My grandmama said, if you have a pet, always ask him/her to pray for your "JODOH" or fortune or anything. Because animals always selawat to ALLAH and The Prophet you know. Plus, taking care other living things make our heart more soften and a good practise towards becoming a great mommy! True story :)

Assalamualaikum and good night <3 p="">

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