#BethanyMota Rocks!

Assalamualaikum and hello good people :)

I am back! After a longggggggggg-time-no-see period. Yes, it has been a very hectic week for me, with classes, classes and works. I am a final year student so it is time to work hard to achieve those good grades whatever not. And thankfully, today I have a solid one day to make a post in order to make sure my bloggie is updated. So, if I have a solid day just to rest and relax, usually it will never happened that way. I will be doing chores, or studying or maybe sleeping until my eyes hurt! But today, I decided to wake up, clean up and watching my favorite channel in Youtube, that is......#BETHANYMOTA!!

I love this lady a lot. Seriously, it's like a girl crush. I love her cheekiness, fantastic ideas and her amazing confidence (which I really envy). So now, I do have other things to do besides going all day watching Modern Family or Michelle Phan channel on Youtube.

So, if anyone of you ever heard about this amazing lady, she is the Super Guru for room decorations. She can change her rooms in just a blink of eyes based on seasons, or holidays or even moods! It does makes me really pumped up because I love tidying my room. So much. If I have like 1 Million, I will most probably wasting it on room decorations and DIY thingy. Seriously, I am addicted!

She also has this video about how to make healthy foods, appropriate make ups and clothing for certain events and also, fantastic DIY projects that make my heart running like a wild stallion. Oh my, I really hoping to see this girl face to face so that I can absorb all these cool ideas she had into my brain!

And not to forget, she loves Arizona Iced Tea! And I also love Arizona Iced Tea! Isn't brilliant? (psycho stalker alert!) I love people that can bring positive aura and energy towards me and she is really doing that to me right now. So, because of that, now I am going to change my dull notice board into an awesome neat one~ Yeah, people. Just go with my craziness okay? I am soooo excited anyway to be doing this. 

Okay, basically you need a notice board to mess with. Hehehe. I know, my notice board is already okay anyway, but please, I wanna be like Bethany Mota just for a while! So, let's get this crazy decorating process started now!

So, this is my board! My big blue (dull) board!

This is my board. Yes, crowded, and soooo unorganized. For those who wandering what is what on my board, here, let me tell you one by one about it.

1. TEKAD - That is my theater club's name. Official name okay? My downfall and my muse. So special place for it on my board to tell me that everything I want to achieve in this world, must have a little bit of TEKAD!

2. Wooden Weekly Clip Board - I bought this baby during my visit to Hadyai many years ago. I really love this clippie board because it clips my valuable memos neatly. And because it's PINK! Hehehe. I really wonder why Malaysia do not have this kind of thing? Seriously, any book store I went, never found this kind of treasure. Come on Malaysia, please keep up man!

3. My Academic Session Schedule - One thing why I pinned this paper, because it tells you when is the holiday! That's all. Hahaha :)

4. My Audrey Hepburn Wooden Qoute - Love this little angel. Bought at my hometown, and I really love the words written in it. 

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others,
For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness,
And for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."

One word, Audrey. That is #DEEP.

5. My timetable - My precious. It shows what and when my classes are, and also my part time work. Yes, I *heart* shopping. So damn much! And how to cope this addiction, Part Time Work! So my mommy and abah can sleep calmly at night, knowing I will never ask them extra moniessssss for shopping!

Lastly, 6. My class pictures - Yup. I miss high school. So bloody much! The fun, friends and all sorts of craziness that sometimes makes me wanna cry. Cherish your School Time, adek-adek. Because once you grow up, you surely missed the bonds and memories during that time.

Yuppp, that's all on my boardie. So now let's start decorating! Remove all the items on your board and put it aside for a while. And this is my *naked* boardie. Ouch!

*Put some clothes on ya boardiee!

Now, what you need basically is scissors, double-sided tape and also your any kind-of material to wrap your boardie. Yes, I don't have time to go to the nearest store to buy just a piece of wrapping paper or cute pattern paper, so I decided to use the brown paper-bag wrapper kinda thingy for this project. And it turns out good on my boardie. And if you want to jazz it up, you can actually have these cute stickers, or decorations to put on your board. Up to you, because it's your board! Have fun with it. So, I decided to use the glow-in-the-dark stickers that I bought long time ago to decorate my boardie so that at night, it's like glowing and looking sooo yummy cuteyyy :)

* The ingredients to success (cewahh!)

So now, I take the brown wrapper and wrap my boardie from top to bottom in order to cover the (dull) blue colour. And then, I pinned it up with my sweet HEART and BEES shaped pushpins in order to make it way more cuter. After that, I pinned back all my items onto the boardie and organized it more neatly and later, I pasted all the glow-in-the-dark stickers on top of my board, just to make it more interesting. Fuhhh, it is a hard day work I must say, because creativity is not my strongest traits. Then, I organized my table, get rid of all unwanted items and finally, I am done! Whipeeeeyy~

And the result is (drum rolling.......), 

*You can see #BethanyMota is playing on my laptop, right! 
Teehee :)

That's the final result. I don't know, maybe it's not that obvious changes, but I really like my boardie now. It has textures, organized items on it and easy on my eyes. I luvvvv it! Hehehee. So that is how I spent my Free Day. I love being proactive, always occupied with works and stuff, so I guess that is why I feel so lost when I am FREE. Weird, yup. That is me. You can see the glow-in-the-dark stickers there. Ohhh, I really cannot wait for tonight, when everything is dark and pitch black, my boardie will look super cool with this glowiesss! I totally proud of myself right now (tap tap on my shoulder moment). And as I said before, I love motivating people and feeling motivated! It makes us feel more strong, tough and confident. Not to forget, more happier! So if you wanna check out this Awesome Lady #BethanyMota, just type her name in Youtube and voila, she will appear and make your day a blissful day! I guaranteed!

More pictures of my table here :)

That's the end for today, And ohh yes, check out my updates for my new collections of TudoongbyHH (TM) tonight. It is going to be awesome! See you guys soon. Hasta La Vista people!

Assalamualaikum :)

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