assalamualaikum and heylooo everybody..!

Fuhhh, thank Allah, for only one more paper to go. So far, it seems like I've managed to answer all the subject quite effectively. But, who knows? Let's pray and dua for Allah to make things easier for me this time.

So where were we? Aha, Mango-A-Go-Go babeyyy~ 
I dunno why but it does sound yummehh! hehehee. 

So what the dealio with Mango-A-Go-Go huh? 
Is this some kind of Mango-Season celebration thingy? 
Or some kind of Mango-Themed party?

Nooo, silly. It's the brand - MANGO - thingy. 

Got it now? Yupp, now you can say, ahhhhhhh! Hehehee. 

Mango is a brand outlet that really blossoms up and flourish in the heart of the young edgy people that love to mix and match in their everyday attire. Not only that, they also provides wide choices of women and men clothes, from casual wears to formal attires! How cool is that? One outlet, many choices. WIN!

It is, literally, the best place in town for the ladies who are looking to find affordable yet stylish work attires that suits us perfectly. Now, we can step into the office looking soooo pretty and awesome without spending our credit card to the max! WIN AGAIN!

There are 3 looks that we can inspire from and all these clothes are from Mango-A-Go-Go ladiesss! 

So for the first look:

Rushed For Cash :)

Yeah, the answer is always Black Suit. Well, it is not wrong but come on, colourful is the next pink mehhh :) But still, I am not gonna lie but black, seriously it can transfer you from Raggedy Ann to Sophisticated Annie in a blink of eyes babyy~ 

Suitable for women with hectic and busy daily life. 
Hey, that's all of us, right?

SEE, what did I told you? Smokeyy right? But if you are really disgust with black and wanted to pump up the day, well, here's a thought. Match up a black palazzo and really casual sleeveless blouse. And for us muslim, try to cover your hands by wearing a sharp blazer over. Now you can walk and present in confidence ladiessss~ 

That is one tall lady. Love the legs, envy the body. The white blouse gives a feminine look to our attire while the black palazzo maintains your professional character. Now you can have the best of both worlds honeyy!

The next one will be:

One-Of-A-Kind Mademoiselle

I love this type of person. Always knows how to alter the boring attire into something sooo eye-catching and well, stunning!! Because, I am soo not this type of a person. Creativity in fashion is not my specialty. But, just for a inspiration, I do love this look that really brings out the creative in you and just let it shine girl~ Work that outfit, ohh yeahhh!

Instead of black, why not blue? Blue is soooo calm and peaceful and I do not know why, but I find blue sooo mysterious. Like the depth of the sea and the cloudy cloud during raining season. You can match it up either with white pants, or a grey blouse, anything that can attract other people's attention easily. Show off and flaunt your beauty babyyy :)

And here we have this beautiful one suit that really brings out the boy in ourselves but at the same time, the blouse maintain our feminine looks to makes it harmony. Add on some accessories and simple bangles, in conclusion, charisma achieved.  

Lastly, the one and only:


I love one-piece attire. So much time can be save and so little effort needed to style up our outfit of the day. For an example, who can deny the beauty of Jumpsuits and Dresses? 

I know, major jaw-dropping time. I just love the accent of the design and also the fabric. It really sums up my life, I want it but my body did not agree. Seriously, it is sooo stylish and sooo modern and chic that just adding some bangles and a pair of boots, every living girl in this world will hate you. And for girls, that feeling is equal to winning the World Cup boys. No judgement!

I love this one too. Women can also attempt a different work look with a softer image by styling Mango's stunning jumpsuit outfit. Just paired up with a white coloured blazer, thus, the birth of that professional look you've been craving :)

But for me, this outfit really sums me up. lol. I do love being vava-vomish and pretty, but simplicity is my motto girls. The simpler, the better.

*Why you noo thin Halyda? Why you soo fat? Why?

I know, I know. With today busy working hours, overloaded things to settle and not to forget, the moneyyyyyyy, yes, it is easier said than done. Who has a time to go to the shopping mall just to buy a piece of blouse? Are you kidding me? A piece of a blouse, and a hell 3 hours traffic jam? Seriously?

Well, straight up those frowny face because when there is a traffic jam and excuses, there is ZALORA. Now, interested working ladybees that cannot wait to have these beautiful outfits can buy them thru ZALORA with unbelievable price. You can find them at the website for Mango for women online (click here madameee) collection. 
But make it fast yalls, cos the time is running out now ~~

So, stretch those pudgy lil fingers and start surfing the website now. The collection might be a bit different but still......

Fashion is not about rules, it is about being and feeling beautiful.

Happy shopping pretty ladies.

*Sobsob, why me no thinnnn~~~

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