The Comeback :)

my happy tree :)

assalamualaikum dear loyal and superb readers.
yes, my bad.. so very badddd :(

I really tried to get back here and update something-something for all of you but perhaps, perhaps, perhaps......

seriously, i will try to update my bloggie at least once a month after this.

actually i do have a lot to tell you because well, that's life.
not a second is empty with surprises and adventures.

so please, just please bear with my older post for a while as i finish my final exam till wednesday.

last two papers are the most tough things to complete man....!!
the spirit is not there because half of my heart is already at HOME :)

have a nice and blessful life you guys
 see you soon in shaa allah :)

spread kindness, block hatred

assalamualaikum and good night

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