. And the path begins now .

Assalamualaikum wbt guys. Somewhere in London, it is still 4.53 pm so I guess this is the right time to berceloteh here. Yeappp guyss, I am in Ipoh maybe, BUT I live through London's tick-tock. 

I am that futuristic babehhhh!

So, fuhhh fuhh. A bit dusty here and there. Yes, and yes. It's been a longgggggah time since I dropped here and say hello. So now, HELLO! Heheehhee. Seriously, the tech guys need to come up with a devise that can literally transforms my words to letters in this bloggie. Can you do that guys? Puhhleaseeeee~~

Anyway, 7 days to go before I magically transforms, from a happy perky pony girl to a dreadful tired horsey woman. Yes, I am going to become a mature lady. A working lady, suffice to say. No more late night stay-ups, no more late-morning wake-ups and no more just chilling on ma bed. Everything is going to change 360 degree bebehhsss. So not cool and so not styleeee-lah! 

Me no want to grow up, me want to grow down!

So, what am I going to be when I am a GROWN-UP? Mirror-mirror on the wall moments checked! It's not that hype or cool thang like becoming one of the contestants of AF or whatnot (seriously korang, relevan lagi ke nate AF tu?) Just going to be the defender of the people. Sort of like The Avengers kinda people. Hahahahahaa. Nahhhhhhh but that will be so coollll dowh, seriously. 

I am just going to enter a 9-months rehabilitation in order to become the kewl, chill LAWYER. And that rehab is the so-called CHAMBERING PERIOD

See, told you. That Avengers thing is way awesome~

It is a compulsory process to be taken in order to become a lawyer. Seriously, I really don't think that I am going to face this and becomes a lawyer but, 3 deep breaths.........

Fuuuhh, haaaaa. Fuhhhh, haaaa. Fuhhhhh, haaaaaaa!

Imma going to do this and Imma going to be the bestest lawyer in the universe. In shaa allah Amin.

So pray for me and hope I can go through this with patience and zero throw-ups. My butterflies in the stomach is running wild this days.

I am going to have my practice at Shah Alam and will be staying at my uncle's there. His sons are going to further their studies at The Big Apple and me and my sistah will be taking their rooms and be like crazy ladehhh. Hahahaha demolition time peopleee~

Wow, look at Malaysia time. It is already 12.16 am people. Yuppp, sleep time is compulsory to follow Malaysia time. Ah-ha. Working lady need to adjust her dreamland time to make sure herself can adapt to the changes soon. Type to you guys soon. Sweet dreams and Assalamualaikum wbt.


PS: I am not sleeping. Wink-Wink :)

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syakirah izwanie said...

im studying foundation in law now. So any tips for me? :)