Better Late THAN Never!

*Listening to: Hymn for the weekend (Coldplay feat. Beyonce)

Assalamualaikum pretty people. It has been like ages, since I tap, tap, tappy, tap, tap here. Well, I do take responsibility for that matter. There are so many events, moments and things that happened that I wanna share with you guys but what to do? Pemalas benaw Cik Halida ni adoyaiiii~~

So, currently I'm staying at Shah Alam, pursuing my dream of becoming a respected lawyer. Staying at Section 25 with my sister and happy to report, my life is really blissful. Not to forget, together with my beautiful Ha-Nana the Fatso Cat, I really enjoy the journey. Just there is a downside staying in Shah Alam, that is being far away from my family. But no worries, my place (thankfully) is really close to Guthrie Expressway and there you go, Ipoh is like just around the corner. 

So, I will try to update my blog as often as I can. Because sometimes, important memento needed to be recorded or else, it will be lost. Need to pray Asar and complete my works here at the firm, therefore, in shaa allah, we will meet again here tomorrow. May Allah protect all of you from harm and have a nice day. 

Assalamualaikum and adios muchachos!

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