Throwback (major) Thursday

Bismillahhirrahmannirrahim. Fuhhh, lamanye tak menaip kat sini. Last entry was like 2 years back weyh! Alhamdulilah harini Allah bagi peluang bukak balik belog bersepah ni and to actually write here. Kenapa Throwback Thursday? Because this is really like the only place where I stored all the good memories from the past! Seriously, bila baca balik semua post-post yang dulu, rasa macam nak menangis. This girl used to be soooo kerek, fun and gila I think. I was so laid back, never cared about anything and just be me. Not saying that this present me is suck, but sometimes I do miss being that saiko-flip ma tudung-never care Halida. But it is time to grow up. And grow up I did.

One thing kebaikan blogging is this. If tetiber rasa macam penatnya dunia orang dewasa ini, and you needed like such a short break, the blog is the correct destination. To read all the posts, the comments and just to feel what once you felt back then. And I got to say this, I miss being a child. Innocent child with no regrets, just hope and dreams. Hailahhh Past Halida, I really miss you

But somehow, this is the present. We can just take a short break but the present is still binds us. The present yang kadang-kadang rasa lelah, and penat and saiko. Not the good saiko but the worst one. You just rasa sometimes macam losing yourself and did not really know who you are anymore. I really hate that feeling. Rasa macam, mana aku nak pergi ni? Selalu jadi masa tengah shopping, boleh pulak lupe nak beli ape actually. Tapi at least yang tu boleh gak refer list yang ada or just simply gostan and cari balik. But this is in real life. Takkan nak gostan ke minggu lepas? Or tahun lepas? Kenot mannn~

My journey is starting. I'm 27 (officially an old bloke!) and right now working as a lawyer. Trying to make decent pay and to fit in this bombazoo world. The next chapter of my life is gonna come soon and I do hope I can survive this. I pray all of you that reading this post will have a great life ahead. It is going to get tougher but held your head high peeps! We are going to go through this with courage and Allah's will. Take care guys. Much love from me.

P/S: Posts sebelum yang ini backdated from 2010 lagi okies. So this is the current one. Maaf sekiranya terlalu obscene or tak boleh nak diterima akal. Yang baik ambik, yang tak baik, jadikan pengajaran tau? Sayang nak buang post dulu sebab mahal harga memori tu :)

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